What Is Metformin?

Metformin is a drug that is prescribed for people diagnosed with diabetes. It is otherwise called “Glucophage” and it belongs to a group of medicines called theBiguanides“. This medication helps in the easier absorption of glucose from the blood. These are generally prescribed for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Let’s take a look at how metformin and weight loss is connected to each other.

How Does Metformin Help In Weight Loss?

Metformin and weight loss go hand in hand. It does help people lose weight, but it depends on the type of body and varies from person to person. Research says that Metformin may help you eat less by reducing your appetite. Though this theory is not proven yet, it does help in weight loss.

Since it is known to reduce weight, it cannot be used as a quick fix solution either. This drug takes a period of about 1-2 years, which will result in some difference. In a study, that was done, the amount of weight lost over a period of 2 years and above was from four to seven pounds. This again varies from person to person.

Metformin And Weight Loss

metformin to lose weight

If an individual has Type 2 Diabetes, his or her glucose levels are high. This is because the insulin produced by the body does not work or it simply does not make enough insulin. The insulin is a hormone that transports the glucose in the blood to energy or stores it for future use.

In certain cases, the body loses its sensitivity to the insulin secreted by the body itself. Metformin helps in making the body more sensitive to insulin. This, in turn, makes the body react to the insulin in a normal way.

How To Get Effective Results?

The main purpose of this drug is to reduce weight. But if this drug is taken without proper diet and exercise, it will be of no use. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, this drug helps to lose more weight. This is because Metformin is known to help in boosting the calories burned while exercising.

This drug is usually prescribed when diets and exercises alone does not assist in reducing the glucose levels. It can be prescribed alone but in certain cases, it can be combined with other medications or with insulin. For patients who are overweight, a prolonged use of Metformin can help in avoiding complications that usually comes with diabetes.

Instructions While Taking Metformin

  • Be sure to take the drug only after talking to your doctor.
  • Do not pass the drug to anyone else, even if he/she is having the same condition.
  • Do not consume Metformin if you have had recent heart attacks, any kind of operations, severe infections, circulation problems or shortness of breath.
  • Confirm with your doctor, if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant or you are breastfeeding before consuming the drug.  Do not consume the drug otherwise.
  • If you are diagnosed with any kidney or liver problems, do not consume this drug.
  • Also, if you are high on alcohol, that is 21 units for a man and 14 units for a woman, do not take Metformin.
  • If you are about to get operated on, make sure your doctor is informed in prior, that you are taking the drug. Your doctor may ask you to stop taking the medication.
  • In case, you are about to take an X-ray and especially if your x-ay involves in injecting a dye, do inform your doctor about your use of the pills.

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Metformin With Other Medications

In case you are on other medications for diabetes or any other disease, be sure to inform your doctor. This includes even herbal medicines. This is because Metformin can affect the working of other medications and other drugs can affect the working of Metformin. It is always safe to ensure with your doctor before any change in medications.


Take the tablets with a full glass of water as prescribed by your doctor. Consume it only with a prescription and do not take it, if not prescribed by your doctor. This may cause serious side effects which have to be balanced by your doctor.

You will have to consume more carbohydrates throughout the day. It is always better that you take the pills along with food or right after a meal. This is will prevent an upset stomach. If you take it the same time every day, your body will get used to it as part of a daily routine.

Do not crush or chew the pill, always swallow it with a full glass of water. Also, do not stop taking the medicine, even though you might feel better until your doctor advises you to. This may bring back your illness.

If You Forget A Dose

Your doctor might have advised you to take the pill 2-3 times a day. If you forgot to take one dose and it is time for the next dose, it is enough that you take just one pill. Do not compensate for the missed dose by taking 2 pills. This can cause serious damage.

Possible Side Effects

  • Some of the most common problems are stomach problems, where you might feel like vomiting, stomach pain or lose your appetite. This usually occurs at the start of the treatment but will subside after some time.
  • You might also have a metal taste in your mouth.
  • In rare cases, skin rashes, low Vitamin B12, liver problems or jaundice might occur. In the case of such symptoms, see the doctor immediately.


  • Keep the medicine in a safe and cool place, out of reach of children.
  • Make sure that is stored below 25 degrees and in its original packaging.
  • Do not consume the medicines, if it is expired.

Hoping this is some happy news for some of you! Metformin does help in reducing weight, provided you are on the right diet and follow strict exercises. Make sure that you inform your doctor in case of any change in medication and you are cautious of the food and drinks you have. Other than that you are good to go!

Cheers to a fit body!

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