People who are suffering from diabetes are always on the lookout for sweeter alternatives to treat problems related to the feet. On the other hand, the best diabetic foot ulcer treatment is natural.

In other words, you would need to use a few herbs to combat the conditions that have resulted from the spreading of diabetes in the other parts of the body. In fact, some herbs are more effective as compared to others when it comes to treating and it is imperative that you know what their names are.

1. American Ginseng Extract

Ginseng for Foot Care

Not only is the American ginseng extract good for controlling diabetes, but also to help heal your wounds. In fact, you can apply it to the affected foot before bedtime so that it would work overnight on the bruises. Nonetheless, if you do not want it to irritate your skin, make sure you do not apply too much of it on your feet. Even if American ginseng isn’t for treating wounds directly, ingesting it can also take care of the same.


2. Cinnamon Extract

The extract of the cinnamon plant is the best natural treatment for foot ulcers in diabetics after the extract of the primrose plant. Apply the extract of cinnamon to the affected foot, but make sure that you do not use more than two drops for the same since it is extremely potent. Internal ingestion of the herb is a better alternative if you wish to heal faster from the ailments that have resulted from a rise in your blood sugar levels.

3. Primrose Extract

herb for Foot Ulcer

The regular application of the extract of a primrose plant to the affected feet can help heal the wounds faster. In fact, it can help the nerves that have been damaged to re-grow after a few weeks of application of the same on your feet. So, make sure you get this for damage control and instant relief from pain due to diabetes-related health complications in your body.


4. Blended Herbs

Instead of using just one or two herbs to heal the open wounds, why not blend and apply them to your feet? Different herbs, including fenugreek, cumin, and cinnamon can give you an ultimate herbal combination that can easily help you heal. Nonetheless, make sure that you use carrier oils along with them for better effect.

5. Psyllium Seeds

Seeds for foot care

The psyllium seed is known for improving the digestion of an individual, but it is also used to treat diabetes-related health complications. So, make sure you take them regularly but not along with any other medication to help you avoid side effects. Ingest only up to ten grams of the same on a regular basis for excellent results. 


 6. Garlic

It is said that a garlic clove a day can keep diabetes at bay. Consuming it regularly can thin your blood but without any side effects on your body. Preferably, try to eat it raw rather than cooking it. If you aren’t very fond of garlic, you can always take in the cloves at different times during the day.

7. Ivy Gourd

herb for leg rash

Ingesting the ivy gourd herb on a daily basis can help treat your wounds that have resulted from a rise in your blood sugar levels. In fact, it can also help you control diabetes if you moderate your intake of the same. Say, you can take it not more than 14 grams of the same per day. The protection of your pancreas is also now not a distant dream anymore once you begin using ivy gourd.

8. Burdock

The herb named burdock is not only effective in treating blood sugar related problems but also in detoxifying the body. The herb is also known to protect the pancreas once you begin ingesting the same regularly.

It also cleanses and protects the kidneys so that they do not get affected while you are being treated for ulcers that have appeared on your feet due to diabetes. Burdock is a safe herb to consume. So, even if its flavor is milder than the other herbs around the world, it doesn’t imply that you should consume it as and when you like.

9. Gymnema Sylvestre

gymnema for diabetes

Normally, the herb Gymnema Sylvestre is used in several weight loss solutions that can be ingested, but not everyone knows that it can even be used to treat diabetes-related health problems.

Nonetheless, if you are suffering from other health complications not related to high blood sugar levels, you should preferably avoid ingesting Gymnema Sylvestre at all costs. On the other hand, if you do not have any other conditions, you can always ingest the herb since it is also useful in treating diabetes-related problems.

10. Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek for Diabetes

Simply treating diabetes can help you cure the ulcers that have resulted due to high blood sugar levels. Tackling the root of the problem instead of trying to treat the wounds can help.

Consuming fenugreek extract to combat high blood sugar levels is useful even for treating the ulcers that have resulted from the same. If you do not wish to take it in, you can always crush the fenugreek seeds and prepare a paste that can be applied to the affected foot to treat the ulcers.

Diabetes can affect an individual severely if adequate care isn’t taken to treat it on time. On the other hand, you should also consult your physician since only a health professional can assess your condition and treat you accordingly.

Try not to treat yourself on your own since it can have certain negative side effects on you even if you are only going to use herbs that are perceived as being harmless. Anything in excess can be harmful and not the other way round. So, do not medicate yourself with herbs without asking your doctor for further information on the same.

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