The diabetes levels can go up and down. Both increased & decreased levels can be too dangerous. We all know a lot about what can to be done when the sugar level goes high. But ever wondered what to eat for low blood sugar? How would you even know that your blood sugar is down? The condition when your blood sugar goes low is called “Hypoglycemia”. You can read further to understand what is hypoglycemia and how you can bring back your sugar levels with some foods.

What Is Hypoglycemia?
Hypoglycemia occurs when your sugar levels drop really low. This might leave you feeling low and dizzy. This has to be treated quickly. This happens because the main fuel source for the brain is glucose. When the level of the glucose gets very low, then it starts to affect the functioning of the brain. Due to this, the body starts to give out it’s own kind of warnings, that you will have to react to as soon as possible.

Signs Of Hypoglycemia

Causes of Hypoglycemia

There are a number of symptoms that can occur due to hypoglycemia. You might feel a slight shakiness, dizzy, feeling irritated, or a temporary loss of vision. It could also lead to much more severe symptoms like loss of consciousness or seizures if not treated at the right time.

There are other kinds of things that might also lead to hypoglycemia like missing a meal or a snack, taking more than the required dose of insulin, if you do not take the required amount of carbohydrates, exercises or even if you drink alcohol. So be careful when you are under such situations. Make sure that you have someone who knows about your condition and what is to be done, in case your sugar goes low.

What To Eat For Low Blood Sugar?

  • Glucose Tablets
  • A Sugary Drink
  • Candies in your Pocket
  • Natural Sugars
  • Refined Grains
  • Half Cup of Fruit Juice
  • 1 Tablespoon of Sugar or Honey
  • Sweeteners

1. Glucose Tablets

use of Glucose TabletsThis is a quick fix, which is known to help out during low sugar. This is a quick acting carbohydrate that is made especially for situations like this. It is inexpensive and it is easily available in all pharmacies and supermarkets. All you have to do is pop in 3 -4 tablets that will help you recover. If you are more prone to hypoglycemia, it is recommended that you keep it with you on the go like your car, house, handbag etc.

2. A Sugary Drink

You can choose a bottle of regular soda. Make sure that it is not labeled as diet or zero calories. This is important because it contains only carbohydrates, which make it easy to get into the bloodstream. It contains roughly about 15gms of carbohydrates, which is required for your sugar to come back to normal.

3. Have Some Candies In Your Pocket

Do you have candies in your pocket? Candies are one of the best foods to eat when your blood sugar is low. You should if you don’t. You can opt for hard candies, flavored discs, jelly beans or gum drops. These are great options to get your sugar up. But it is always better that you read the nutritional table at the back of the wrapper. Always keep in mind that you should always aim for 15grams of carbohydrates which is all you need to keep those levels intact.

4. Natural Sugars

Cure for Blood Sugar

If you are still wondering what to eat for low blood sugar, then fruits are the best. Fruits are not only natural but also are known to have a high glycemic index and helps in boosting your sugar levels  quickly. Grapes, banana, watermelon, pineapple are very helpful.

The glycemic index of processed foods is much lower when compared to that of fresh fruits. You can also try out dry fruits like raisins and dried dates which also helps to increase your sugar levels.


5. Refined Grains

When your sugar is low, all the whites can be your best friend. The reason being foods like rice, white pasta, white bread etc are low in fiber content. Due to this, it helps in getting into the bloodstream at a faster pace and this increases your blood sugar. You can carry a few pretzels, cornflakes, bagels in your bag which will help you in case you are feeling low.

6. Half Cup Of Fruit Juice

A half cup of fruit juice helps in increasing the blood sugar levels much faster than even the natural fruit itself. Natural sugar and the normal sugar together combined will spike up your sugar levels in no time. Make sure that it is not labeled as zero calorie or diet and it is better that you take it in it’s natural form.

7. 1 Tablespoon of Sugar and Honey

This is a quick remedy, which will help in getting your sugar up really fast. This is because sugar and honey have a direct effect on your sugar levels.

8. Sweeteners

You can take any of the sweeteners you find in your kitchen like syrup or sugar or honey, if in case you are at home. If not, you can always carry a bottle of honey or some candies in your purse. But you must be careful not to take more than 15 gms of carbohydrates. This amount is enough to keep your sugar levels in balance. But do not take more than that as it can result in the opposite- high blood sugar.

After taking the sugar, check your sugar after about 15 minutes. If it is normal, then all you will need is rest. If you find your sugar level below 70, then take another dose and check it again. A good amount of rest is needed to help you come back to normal.

I hope this list is helpful for the long run. Always be sure to carry any one of the sweeteners with you in your purse or pocket. This is just for precaution so that you have something with you just in case your levels dip. If you are out with your friends or family, make sure that someone is aware of your condition and they know your symptoms and treatment.

Precaution is always better than cure!

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