Natural saccharides that have gone through the process of refinement to produce something new are the main culprits that cause several health problems. So, here are the list of refined carbohydrates to avoid in diabetes.

The List Of Refined Carbohydrates To Avoid In Diabetes

The refined carbohydrates listed here are something you should never consume if you are suffering from diabetes.

1. Oily Snacks

Pretzels, potato chips, and anything else that has been prepared using a lot of oil is better dropped like a hot potato. As the foods are processed before they are packed in industries, they lose the nutrients in them and turn into unhealthy foods.

In fact, the grains are left only with the endosperms rather than retaining everything including the germs and brans. Nutrients that are good for your heart are completely removed during the refinement process, and it makes foods that are oily top the list of refined carbohydrates to avoid in diabetes. So, consider replacing oily foods with those that have been prepared using whole grains.

2. Sugary Drinks

Drinks for refined carbohydrates

Thirsting for drinks that are full of sugar can result in a spike in your blood sugar levels. Instead of ingesting beverages that contain a lot of direct sugar, consider consuming more of fruit juices that have been prepared naturally. Even if you do take natural fruit juices, you should still take care not to indulge in them excessively since they can also affect the blood sugar levels negatively. 


3. White Foods

Foods that are white in color like pasta and white bread slices are made using grains that have gone through the refinement process. Moreover, since these foods contain a lot of sugar, your blood sugar levels can shoot up. So, do not make the mistake of ingesting these notorious food items that are at the top of the list of refined carbs since they can harm your health eventually. Instead, go in for pasta and white bread slices that have been prepared with whole grains that are healthier.

4. Syrups

Even if you feel tempted, you should never take in syrups. Although they may have been prepared using natural ingredients as a base, the final products are artificial. In fact, they can again affect your blood sugar levels and not in a positive way. So, try avoiding syrups that have been sweetened artificially.

5. Marmalades

Carbs in Marmalade

Marmalades may make your bread taste better, but it wouldn’t make your life any sweeter. On the contrary, consider going through the nutrition facts on the cover label of the marmalades once before you can begin indulging in them.

Once you peruse the nutritional contents, marmalades would not continue to be your favorite summertime foods any longer. Even if it is made for dieters, they would still contain ingredients that aren’t essentially good for your health. 

6. Cakes And Cookies

If you are being offered a fortune cookie at your favorite restaurant, stop immediately. Since every cookie contains around 80 percent of the carbohydrate levels as compared to any natural food, it is best avoided.

You should try remembering that it can turn your fortune around for the worse. In other words, you wouldn’t want to take chances with something that can harm your health even if it is a fortune-telling cookie.

7. Candies

Sometimes, candies are considered as soul foods. Nonetheless, it is imperative to know that even candies can be found in the list of refined, processed carbohydrates. The carbohydrate content of sweets that have gone through the refinement process is quite high and can harm your health very badly.

So, the next time you reach for a jar of candies, go a few steps backward. Instead, think of how your health would be if you do not ingest too many sweets on a regular basis. Imagine yourself not having to go through the everyday pain of consuming diabetic medications and injecting insulin regularly into your body with one of those painful needles that hurt worse than even tattoo needles.

8. Breakfast Cereals

Cereals for Carbohydrates

If you always thought that breakfast cereals are healthy because they are nutritious, think again. Greater than 90 percent of the carbohydrate content of the foods around the world can be found in breakfast cereals alone.

Remember that temporary pleasures like these can even lead to permanent displeasure with certain food items. It is more so the case with the frosted crispies prepared using rice that you indulge in every morning just to make your day feel better.

9. Hash Browns

Even if hash browns contain only about 30 percent of the carbohydrate content of the foods around the world, they can still wreak havoc in your life. Do not ever underestimate foods that seem to have low carbohydrate content, but are highly fatty in nature.

Think of them as minefields that cannot be easily detected, but can explode when you step on them, even by mistake. Even if such foods are high in vitamins and other nutrients, it won’t compensate for the same. 

10. Flours

Flours may be rich in minerals and vitamins, but if they have gone through the process of refinement, they can have the exact opposite effect of what healthy nutrients would have on you.

Before you can prepare dishes out of the same at home, look at the number of calories they contain and the percentage of carbohydrate content in them. Compare them with a number of minerals and vitamins they contain so that you get a fair idea on how nutritious they truly are.

Nobody likes to have a midriff that bulges out of proportions. In fact, that is the effect foods that are rich in artificial saccharides can have on your body. Eventually, they can harm your health if you do not exercise regularly. So, when you shop for groceries, make sure that you are not bringing home items that have gone through the refinement process. Instead, consider eating more of fruits and vegetables that have come to you straight from the farm.

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